Wires Across The Sky

by Corvid Canine

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I got a wild hair and wanted to make some very stripped back, minimalist, spoken word grind. Been wanting to delve into minimalism more, so in a span of 24 hours, this happened.


released June 11, 2017



all rights reserved


Corvid Canine Augusta, Georgia

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Track Name: Sylvan Temple To Myself
Apostle to self indulgence
Ever the note detuned from the ambience
I grew a garden from which I gorged my belly
Unable and unwilling to trust the fruits of another
This earth is mine, seasoned to my needs that none other could fulfill
In these woods I created, I hide from the sun
Hours of In Between, crepuscular existence
When the cosmos withers, still my forest will remain
Alone, I will drift among the Aether
I am my own
Track Name: Alternate Plumage
There is little goodness in me
Echoes of my own words from not so long ago
Ring through the bitterness slithering in the streets
Of cowardice and worship of the rotting dead
Toxin I spilt on those undeserving
Now pools to stagnate and flood my lands
Repentance is but masturbation
As the arbitrary punishes regardless
Ever self-righteous, nothing but our knowledge changes
My hopes to be benevolent ring only for the hopes of self reward
The joy of morality, ultimately self serving
Indignation remains as it always has
My soul remains the form of a horrid beast
Only the plumage has changed
Track Name: Peregrine
Earth tilts back and forth in her orbit through the stars
Her children wander to and fro in response
The way of nature never ceasing
So life abounds from wanderlust

The leaves, though familiar, too will fall
Return to soil, to rot, to life
And all begins so fresh and new
The wind soon calls to scurry onward
Track Name: 海で寝る。
My heart belongs to the sea

Bury me beneath blue and shifting mountains
To rest until their majesty ceases
The last pages, still wet with ink
To bleed unto the ocean, fading in their own fashion
Track Name: Fighting Against A Star Collapsing Inward
Dreams are best left to the moon and stars
Each I counted and took up arms to defend
Crumbled as ash in the hands of a warrior
Powerless against an insurmountable force
I see the heavens come crashing down
Still I will fight, though I know in vain
Track Name: Everyone Is A Sandcastle
Driftwood pencil
Pouring out my heart into the sand
Ever shifting with utmost care
A portrait of a world crafted with all contained within
Dressed in shells and glimmering treasures of the deep
Revealed by the waning tide
The moon draws back and forth
To reveal the canvas and wash it clean
A life spent to build a throne
Empire of toil and honor
To wash away in nature’s fashion
Track Name: 最後
There will come a day when a final song fades from my ears
When our flesh will touch in farewell
The sky will bit adeu
As ravens soar on, filled with life
The sunset finale to close the curtains
Each dream will ink its final words
With much left unsaid and undone
But as such find their coup de grace
The end of hope, I face alone
And all I knew will be as nothing

I will hear your heart in a final instance
With thoughts taken with me into the Nothing

May every finale shine as the golden evening light