Visceral Landscapes Painted In Moonlight

by Corvid Canine

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Thematically, a sister album of sorts to "To The Silver Satellite." The lyrics were written years ago and the album was only recently completed. Nihilistic, lycanthropic, blackened, electronic, gory, and noisy.


released June 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Corvid Canine Augusta, Georgia

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Track Name: The Beginning
Why should I hide any longer?
Paying penance for my nature
No more
Track Name: Owning That Which Is Accused
Those eyes, those eyes
With scrutiny, watching, accusation
I once hid
The world unfolds as ages pass
The void of the Universe
Unfeeling and relentless in it’s objective nothingness
Mother Earth has but one command
I shall not be
As my fool brother who sought to escape the earth
In the name of solace
All I have is this
I will write my peace
Here in this land
In blood
Track Name: Kill The Human, Become The Beast
Familiar writhing
In primal ecstasy of pain and pleasure
My framework snaps and cracks
A shape anew of terrible beauty
Shed the old skin
Yes, it is I
My face revealed
In the reflection of my own blood
The afterbirth of the womb of oppressive shame
I am born
Track Name: Whom Shall I Fear?
These foolish mortals
So petty in their strife
Never thinking beyond their brainstem
Ages I have been
No more shall they be
Track Name: The Feeding
My, that is lovely
Muzzle digging through the sternum
Snap, crack, slosh
Satiation and justice
Gurgles of a diminutive senescence
The lifeblood flowing from the ceolum
As a melon, ripe to bursting
Yes, it is good
A howl of victory
Track Name: Carnivorian Lethargy Bringing To Mind Morbid Monologues To Notable Prey
I do remember a mouthful
Truly, a part of them still lives on
Now a part of me
I must call them to mind, posthaste
Track Name: The Politician
The prince and the parasite
Are truly the same at evening fall
Fine attire for a worm
Duplicity! for shame!
That mask you wear
Allow me to remove it for you
Peeling skin away from flesh
Now, now, you mustn’t scream
The people you betray might hear your cowardice
Scarlet muscle and unblinking eye
Each plucked away as grapes from a vine
Drunk in summer’s sunlight
The gateway to the soul removed, but none is there to escape
Now, they may see you for what you are
Another wretched creature like them
Track Name: The General
At ease, soldier
Barking and braying will not save you
Licensed puppet
To lead the young and idiotic to their deaths
Under the command of a duplicitous wretch’s agenda
You cared only for showing the world your manhood
Now separated by teeth and claw
Weeping for the loss of your worth
I nearly pity you
I order you to now serve my hunger
Track Name: The Pornographer
Filling the lonesome with but pinchbeck visions of companionship
A vapor of that which they seek
A soul exploiting base instinct and yearning of the pitiful
If only I might see through your eyes
Tonguing the gateways to your soul
Rip them from the place in which they lay
Rolling in my maw, I taste only nothingness
Gushing between crushing teeth
Leaving you lost among those you mislead into The Aether
Track Name: The Philosopher
Good and evil
You spend your life locked away
To define these things
Now that it is spent
I will reveal to you the truth
All is void
To be filled by one’s heart
The only thing one can objectively know
Is that one does not
This heart beating before my eyes
Revealed through the separation of bone and skin
Physically fulfilling, but empty inside
I expected more
Perhaps you let it bleed itself out long ago
Track Name: The Artist
Those hands
Might I examine them?
I shan’t let you refuse
Separated by force
To create beauty must be delightful indeed
Then again, what is splendor?
Relativity, my dear
Track Name: The Guilty
The world shows no pity for you
Neither do I
Struggling with yourself only to continue
Did you ever seek pity
In the so called maladaptive life you lead?
You want but to live
I cannot allow that
For the same force drives my instinct
The stranglehold of the stomach
The want to delay death
I wish it grieved me to tell you
There is no respite for the deemed unworthy
We all must die soon
Be glad in the end of your miserable cycle
May the Earth surely give you rest
Track Name: The Innocent
I feel no guilt in your death
Are we truly any different?
I feed in order to survive
You toil toward the same end
Your struggle will end here
The universe concerns itself not
Mother Earth twirls onward
The same energy in all flows ever constant
Now sleep in peace
We are all truly one
Track Name: A Genuine Un-Apology
“I am the monster”
These words draw from your mouth
Like birds to escape a hollow
Asking for forgiveness?
Such a thing is disingenuous
A thief is only sorry that he is to hang
Never that he stole
I obey the hands of nature
Neither black nor white
It simply is.
Track Name: Visceral Landscapes Painted In Moonlight
I hath made for myself
A utopia sanguine
Awash in the afterbirth of Madame Luna
Bearing her child forth in peace
None to stand against me
As I slowly decompose as they
Eons have passed through my belly
Dark, cold unknowing will soon beacon myself join
The sweet, silent droning of the Void
In this hour, I lay satisfied