To The Silver Satellite

by Corvid Canine

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Marshall Lochbaum
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Marshall Lochbaum Ignore the grindcore and brutal death trappings. This is an incredible work of depressive black metal, with an effect to rival Ulver's Bergtatt. Favorite track: Chapter 5 - The Tree.
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A story of immortality set over primal, steampunk grind. Artwork by Piotr Kowalczyk ( Limited run of 30 through Kitty On Fire Records. Sold out.


released April 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Corvid Canine Augusta, Georgia

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Track Name: Exordium
The tears of an immortal beast
mean nothing after many a millennia
I have none to give
no more wrath
nor sorrow
joy, lust, stupefaction
none of the things hold merit
Peace is the only thing worth seeking
worth fighting for
worth dying for
Track Name: Chapter 1 - Unsettling Omniscience
Since man has existed
Since this curse has haunted us all
A perversion of both man and beast
True, man himself is a beast
But I can embody the darkest side
Of the noble wolf and his lost brother
Homo Sapiens
I've tasted all

Light and shadow; they are my brides
Intimately known by myself
The fervor I have shown
Given myself completely to both
They are treacherous
To this marriage I am bound
By the chords of life
Unbroken until the sun consumes me and my world
Until time itself is laid to rest
Track Name: Chapter 2 - Look To The Sublime
All those I have loved
Every enemy I've owned
Will fall
Has fallen
Some by the fair hand of death
Countless by the beast I harbor
Precious metals cannot pierce my sternum
Love falters when its duty beacons
In the hopes of my rest
I am weary
There is nothing left here
Every drop of life I give
I take another heart of blood
I find peace in the sublime
The ocean, mountain and moon are my only companions
I listen to hear what they may say
Track Name: Chapter 3 - The Sea
I have been since the earth began

My dark bosom delves ever deeper
to where no man could think to be
Sacred, my vast and empty planes
The abyss shall hold your tired soul
For as long as I am

I am impenetrable, you will be safe in my court
All men fear a watery grave
Alas, woe, for as all things come to pass
And even I will dry to dust
I cannot be your shelter eternal
Track Name: Chapter 4 - The Mountain
I have been since the earth began

The halls of the mountain are graced by few
My throneroom guarded by the mighty
Fierce beasts warn those who trespass
My mighty arms outstretched to ward off mankind

Stone and ice
Wind and forest
None may pass as I stand
I welcome none
but the most worthy
The few souls left in the dead lands

Alas, woe,
Even my strength will fail
I stand as a sentinel
Slowly fading from my post
I will cage your cruelty while I stand
none could find you in my stone halls
But as all things fade and I will crumble
I can not give you rest eternal
Track Name: Chapter 5 - The Tree
How many more lives must I live?
how many more sleepless nights?
For not even comatose can bring me rest
The planet's mightiest fortresses
Are but momentary strongholds
I must find eternal rest

Plant the seed of a mighty cedar
Tending for all these millennia
Growing slowly, never ceasing
To soon guide me home

I now know what I must do
The beast must run free forever
There was never any choice for me
So long as solace is my heart's desire

The animal will roam
My soul will sleep
Peace at last will soon be mine
Leave this cursed sphere forever

All these years
Will soon be truly behind me
Patiently await
this tree to grow
I will climb unto the heavens
To where solitude will be mine
Silence, beautiful forgiveness
Leave my sins forever
Track Name: Chapter 6 - To The Silver Satellite
To the heavens
My sanctuary
I am going to sleep

Eons I have waited
The tree has finally grown
To the moon, I will climb
Leave this cursed land behind
Her light will give me strength
The beast within will awaken
Ascending into heaven
The stars will light my way

I feel no cold of the void
Solar winds caress my fur
Claws sink deep into the bark
Venture into the dark

Bit, claw
Bit, claw
bit, claw
Soon to meet peace at last
Bit, claw
Bit, claw
tooth, nail
To the silver satellite!

All memories will cease
Of my curse, my disease
Will take my withered body
And roam forever free
My soul will rest at last
As all before have past
No more shall those I love
Suffer by my hands
Track Name: Chapter 7 - The Peace Equilibrium
Forever roam this empty land
As the beast that I am
My soul in peace
My body pleased
No more shall I suffer
Eternal rest I find
Release from my shattered mind
No more shall they suffer

The bridge is cut
The stars burn bright
Cosmic stone, racing through the dark
Shatter the tie to my former life

Forever roam this empty land
As the beast that I am
My soul in peace
My body pleased
No more shall I suffer
Eternal rest I find
Release from my shattered mind
No more shall I suffer