by Corvid Canine

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Final part of a two part minimal series. No bass line. Icy, technical, and visceral.


released January 24, 2012



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Corvid Canine Augusta, Georgia

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Track Name: Heaven.Hell
Winter falls
Gray skies bring solace
All of nature feels the cold
Fingers of the changing season
Sacred silence takes the forest
As the sun lays down to rest
Heaven and Hell were never so entwined
Track Name: Unto the Neverending
No name
Digging the graves
Into the cold earth
You are safe forever

I am not heartless
I am broken
It is simply my duty
Tend to the living
The dead will find their way
To the halls of eternity

Pity not the fallen
Their journey is through
They sleep at last
Into rest and peace

Beholding your frail body
To the cycle we all return
From death, life is soon begotten
Fly unto the never ending
Track Name: Gears of the Apocalyptic Apparatus
connected to the skull
connected to the spine
connected to the lungs
connected to the heart

no longer cells, but circuits
these chords; demonic umbilici
dissolving our faces
connect to the machine
eyes to fade, no longer see
another cable
sever the throat
only clamor as song
no longer wishing for salvation

as we rust
as we decay
as we become
the apocalyptic apparatus
Mother dearest weeps
Her children construct the murder/suicide
Track Name: Breathe as Stone
Difficult truths
Swallowed and digested
Coursing through this mortal cage
Reaching the heart
All is quiet
We breathe
As stone
Track Name: Talons.Claws
Sacred spirits of nature
We are what remains of the wild
All that you have forgotten
And now condemn to your own doom

Canis Lupus
Corvus Corax
These human terms used to catalogue our kind
Do no justice to our identities
We are the ones who maintain order
You once knew us for who we are
Now you have turned a blind eye
In so doing, you have lost your wildness
Soon you shall meet your demise
Track Name: The Weight of Pacts and Promises
Save your breath
Betray your kin
Accept the consequences
The pack needs not a betrayer
Do not bother with pleas for forgiveness
Solidarity is the key to our survival
Track Name: Death Begins the Greatest Journey
Burn away this faded life
Spread the ashes through the forest
Pray to the sky
For rain to fall

As all life must
I will join the earth
To be one with the universe

Like the Pheonix
New life will spring forth

Death begins the greatest journey