Split with Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate

by Corvid Canine

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My half of a split with no nonsense, all-killer-no-filler grinders Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate. Part of their side and CD available here: abstractorchestrations.bandcamp.com/album/promo-for-upcoming-splits


released January 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Corvid Canine Augusta, Georgia

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Track Name: Rotting Petals
Step back
Arms I ran to
Fill me with naught but fear
The screams could wake the dead
As our pleasure once did
Portraits ripped by claws
Drive the rusted scalpel inside
cut away pieces of the heart
Spill it all away
I gave you all I had left
Hollow, left ever so empty
Now a perversion of the spirit who brought me comfort
There is nothing left for us now
Track Name: Sour Note Symphony
As I write in a drunken stupor
I pour out my thoughts
Less than dribble
gather in a shallow puddle

What else can I say
Other than that which is in my throat?
Blackening lungs stained from nihilistic actions
what else can I say

Pathetic, isn’t it?
Track Name: Lay Down, Give Up, Stop the Record
i have no future
There is only disappointment left in my wake
lay my head beneath your feet
see that I am as nothing
crush me

only a broken record is there
spinning and skipping
The same measure incessant
stale, becoming less than a drone

break the needle and melt the wax
kick over the box and step on the mechanism
there are no redeemable parts
scrap the machine
Track Name: Saving Words for Flowers
How much is your ego worth?

Regret requires no sacrifice
More simple and sweet to mourn than to celebrate
No admittance of weakness
No knees to bow

Pride is precious
Better flowers at the grave than gratitude above ground

Would you dare argue?
Call to mind these words
As you count the ones
You swear you wish you spoke
Track Name: Living Death Stains
Crevasse dwelling social deviant
Perverted waste of human life
Sucking down filth, moaning for more
Swimming in gutters, bathing in runoff
Deranged disciple of garbage

Accept with open arms the nihilis
Laughing in the face of the void
Knowing you are nothing
One with everything

Floating in between
Bathe yourself in sweet perfume
But there is nothing that can wash you clean

Are you dead or are you living?
Yellowed teeth reveal a graveled croak
Track Name: August 17th
Love turned to fear
Kindness eclipsed by a toxic desperation
A death grip held on fragile wings
Desire to lock away a living thing
Treated as a treasure
A prized object
Golden cage, but a prison nonetheless

Suspicion and smothering paranoia
Guilt ridden embrace
I love you
A bird flies away to safety
I never wanted to have your tears
Filling the hole left behind

I gave you all I had left
But the toll was moreso
Carrying your memory on tired wings

Forgive me please
Track Name: A Beautiful Antipathetic Self Serving Action That Failed
It starts with introspection
lock the bedroom door and lean over the sink
Staring into your own two eyes until the world surrounding melts away
It all seems so unreal
You can’t see past the evening
All tears have dried from sore eyes and aching muscles
Exhaustion born of endless grieving
A goodbye is unworthy of effort
The misery is never ceasing
Nothing left as all joy is gone
Burden of guilt
The world hangs by brittled twine
Frayed and faded through years of abuse by the sun
Fill your weakened hand with pills
Precious medicine which sang you to sleep
That eternal melody
Capsules in, palms beneath the running faucet
Drink in sweet salvation
Swallow the panacea
Lay upon the bed you made
The morning sun will no longer scold
Fear cradles you as all goes black
Track Name: I Became Beautiful
I’m not worth it
I swear to fucking god I’m not
Don’t try to stop the bleeding
I’m already dead
Leave me in this place
Lock the door behind you
No one will find me here
Not even flies will lay their eggs
A bloating, marbled corpse
The hight of my beauty
Regrets build up inside my gut
Stretching the skin until it rips

Split open coelum full of regrets
Spray paint the room in death tones

Reds of silenced passion
Blacks of boiling sin
Cream of perverted mind
And shades of wasted life
Dripping from the walls
A mass of mould and putrefaction
A masterpiece to rival the Creator Himself