Room 312

by Corvid Canine

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A little Silent Hill 2 worship. Didn't quite mean for it to come out the way it did, but it worked out I think. Just wanted to let loose and have fun.

Written and recorded October-Novermber 2016


released November 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Corvid Canine Augusta, Georgia

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Track Name: Single Use Life Form
Molding into porous forms
Warm and soft for drying mouths

Only limited by dexterity

Use me, shape me, mold me, fuck me

Use once and destroy
As cellophane wrapped tight to candy
Use me and discard me
Only worth is found in carnal utility
Track Name: All The Same
Stare it down and fuck the void
No use running from the truth

Pervert, fuck up, idiot, failure
Amounting to little more than human filth

The time to mourn all of that is over
Wallow in the trash with joy
In the end, none of it makes a difference
Track Name: Sisyphus Is Miserable
Why should I continue pushing boulders
Only to watch them fall again?
Try to rationalize a meaningless effort
For an existence stranded in an unsharable reality

You were wrong, oh stranger
My life is mine for the taking if I so choose

A revolt against life still seems a pointless cause
Truly it is still a case of suicide or coffee
Track Name: The Leaks Go Unrepaired
Hands dangle by the wayside
“Please stop” leaks with no fists raised to retaliate
Organs pulled and devoured from the coelom
Blank stare through the pain

My naiveté merits torment
Punish me for my weakness

Full cognizance of abuse
Feeding continues to validate my being
I pour hot oil upon my crown
Track Name: Room 312
I feed off of your hate and abuse
Deserving no better, beat me until I bleed
Validate my guilt, the god I worship

Dismantle all I long for
Destroy the home I build for myself

This is my Egoism
From a flower to perverse fruit
watered with shame and blame
roots craving to be punished
disgusting creature
pitiful parasitic life form
I’m sorry for who I am
I’m sorry for what I’ve become
Track Name: Floatsam On Tides Of Aether
Altar of the Aether
Solitude, my place of worship

Defiled, defiled

The air it reeks of recollections
A treasured stench
Suffocating and staining

Colourless covers my eyes
Falling away from my skin
Soon, nothing remains