No One Came Home: Relentless Tradition​/​Corvid Canine Split

by Corvid Canine

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Split with Relentless Tradition. 23 tracks of chaotic, atonal, noisy, avant-grind. Limited run CD-R available through Kitty On Fire Records.



released December 11, 2012

Relentless Tradition is Tim Roberts



all rights reserved


Corvid Canine Augusta, Georgia

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Track Name: Herald The Spirit Vessel (Decisions I)
See this not as an S.O.S.
But rather a proclamation of truth
I no longer know myself
It seems I fail to mind as well
The dark and light are no longer concrete
Good and evil show themselves to be naut but shadows of the moon
Donning the deathmask I will give myself a beautifully grotesque culmination
Silver bullets crafted from the adornments of my youth
The stars are witness to the amazing end of everything
Captain, let us set sail
Casting off from shore with the sound of thunder
The world keeps turning and the creature leaves it all
Track Name: Senescence (A Hand To Hold)
Take hold of my hand
The sun is going down
Leave me not alone
I am joyful at your presence

A life of solitude and loneliness I have lived
Closed myself away
Lick my own wounds to ease my suffering
A lonely and hungry beast

Here at my world's end
I find a hand to hold to soothe me
My final hour weeping tears of comfort
My forlorn days to end in solace
Track Name: Song Of The Ever Victorious
All hail the glorious, conquering heroes
May our enemies be few
And our triumphs be ever constant
Track Name: Realm Of Terror
Many a dream I have awoken
Sobbing from the terror
A being not my own becomes me
In the realms of hell
A monster
Murderous and deviant
There is no end
This creature is me
As sleep overtakes
I am damned to watch
Powerless to wash my bloody hands
Arise to find them clean
My mind grins with a devil's hate
The heart churns in innocent agony
To hide the secret sins
I am guilty
Track Name: The Distant
The intrigued becomes the disheartened
The disheartened becomes the empty
The empty becomes the distant
Track Name: House Of Memories
These haunted halls of my distant past
Memories I wish never were
Decrepit and forsaken
The forest reclaims the land
The foundation of bloodshed
Fine marble and decadence
A roof as marred and scarred as I
The dwelling of my father
This house of memories deserted

My, how the years have passed
Any trace of my kin: vanished
My heart fills in the void
Projections of my haunted youth

Yelling, screaming, disgust, and abandonment
Accusations and betrayal
History written in blood

Soak the floors in sweetest wine
Let us raze this cursed manor
Ashes become what once was gilded
Fire comes to seal the shadows
Chase the spirits left
So they and I may be in peace
Track Name: Paradise Anoxia
Idiocy reigns. All hope is gone.
Track Name: Welcome To Your Existence
Years ago it all began
A bright light
Blood, entrails
Wailing, gnashing
Never more shall it end

There is no escape
Eternity; the sublime nightmare
Not even death can save you

Torn between the war of light and shadow
This existence drags you forward

Twilight draws ever nearer
The darkness soon will fall
The reaper at your window
'Tis the fate of us all

Welcome to your existence
Track Name: Rhabdoviridae (Bullets Inside The Beast)
I am not myself
You are all you will ever be

I am not myself
We are all we will ever be

Stay away, you are not real
Embrace me, I am your everything

The bullets in the beast
Shaping, transforming me
What are you?
I am you

Succumb to the hunger
Let it infold you as a womb
To be delivered only when satiated
Kicking and screaming
To resist is for naught
Baptize yourself in madness

The siren call to hunt
Drawing me towards the kill
How much longer can I stave my appetite?
The bloodlust becomes my thought
Put the gun away
You shall not murder...yourself...

I am not myself
We are all we will ever be
Track Name: Farewell, You, Ghost Ship
The sea and sky are rich with icy clarity
The storm has passed
But are these still not the brilliant colours of the maelstrom?
Rowing endlessly
This vessel of souls on waters eternal
Departed from life, yet still wandering the earth
This has been my place of dwelling

I will leave this ghost ship, as I still belong to the living
Hoist the mainsail, take me home
My journey has yet to begin

I will embrace the sun
With open arms outstretched
The world of light and life
Until again I sail
Unto the seas of solace
Farewell, specters, my brethren
I must live while I can

Soon I will join again
This vessel of wandering spirits
To chart forgotten waters
Once more will the sea beckon me
Not until my time proper