by Corvid Canine

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Don't forget me...

Tape available from Nog Records:


released August 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Corvid Canine Augusta, Georgia

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Track Name: Spectral Hands of the Fog
Sounds of souls’ lament
Lift me from the pummeled earth
Azure spectral hands of the fog rise
Pulling away my torment
Struggle and fade, you shadows
Breath of the ocean over my being
Upward, you rolling waves!
Join me in ascension
To a darkened heaven we fly
Sprawling sea, wash all away
I sleep on charred clouds
Track Name: A Hope In Vain
From the hillside where we once stood together
You hung yourself
I watched you jump and disconnect
From the roots of life
Dangling, swaying, to and fro
The life had left your eyes
Yet from the ground, below your corpse
I await your last goodbye
Track Name: Lingus Anima
My own emotions
An unknown tongue
Clawing at the dust
To know the spirits forcing my hand
Overcome by esoterica
A cage, I am imprisoned
Slowly undo the heartstrings
Forever misunderstanding the language of my soul
Track Name: Prelude to Day and Night
It is easy to wallow in self loathing
Just as a bitter liquor is swallowed gladly
To sweeten our distaste for pain
Yes, the sun is oppressive and reigns upon the wounded
The moon brings comfort in it's soft and silver light
But may the moon shine separate from the angry star we hide from?
It is because of the tyrannical celestial body that we may find solace in the evening
What then, shall we say?
Can we now, knowing this, dismiss the sun and worship the moon?
Or in turn, can we give praise to the angry star while scoffing at the silver satellite?
To do either is folly
Instead, may we hold hands with the day and night
See the beauty in destruction and resurrection
So that we may find the equilibrium that brings us into peace
Track Name: Antiquated Music Box
Despair overcame my thoughts as I arose
My darkest dreams were of your embrace
Track Name: Myosotis
Existing now only as a penumbra
The shadows in your mind
Only a whisper among the gusts of memory
Every star I caught for you
Dimmed and quiet
Leaving behind a seed
A hope, albeit one of a fool
The fog of the war we lost obscures
Ever fading sound of a heartbeat
Forget me not, my love