Haunted Forest Melodies

by Corvid Canine

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Love has many faces and I have become a harmony in its haunted forest melodies.


released March 13, 2014

Everything by me.



all rights reserved


Corvid Canine Augusta, Georgia

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Track Name: Into Unknown Acres
It would seem as though I have wandered into an unfamiliar wood with naught a compass
Unfamiliar flora glare at me with esoteric expression
An unnerving sort of air pervades these acres
I fear I am lost among that which I do not know
The notion of losing myself in this forest is wildly intoxicating
Track Name: No Home
A corpse with no home to return to
Hop away, you long nailed monster
To where? Anywhere
This is surely not where you belong
Vile creature, you stole my life force once before
I have no more to give to you
Perhaps, one day, I will be as you are
A spirit with no place to lay its head
A fool in life, a fool in death
Black dog's blood
My name nailed to your forehead
Hadies will know who sent you
Track Name: The Gultch
Hush child, they'll never find you here
Hush child, they are not your friends
I will keep you safe
Carry you down into the gulch
Muskets fire and cannons thunder
The leaves in the trees weep quietly
Sleep in peace for now
If they come, I will kill them all
I will not let them harm you
I swear upon my father's fathers
Track Name: Deteriorating Trails
I should have never left the bed

The sun is unkind
The moon hides
Behind the clouds
Conceal the stars
Remove the sky
Discard the Earth

These roads
No end
To my
A plague

I see no light at the end of the tunnel
Only an inking black ahead of me
Hide beneath the covers
My dreams will surely hunt me down
Track Name: Blanket Of Moonlight
Our union
We lie, entwined, within the forest navel
Our cover is but the light of the universe
One; we are
Held tight within my arms
Claws digging
Instinct surging
I long to protect you from myself
I am restless
Whispers from your heart
Beckon my soul rest
Our bodies
Our spirits
In union
You, I chose
As you are
I, you chose
As I am
Beneath the moon
Our bond unbreakable
This dream of divinity
Beauty and beast
Pure and unconditional
Hand in hand
'Till we return to dust
Soaring unto the cosmos
Track Name: Light Through The Arms Of Deceased Trees
The words of the poets and prophets meant naught to this lonely soul
I understood not what could be good in this life of suffering
The meaning of existence was but void and null
Until a ray of holy light shed itself upon these acres of sorrow
A life droning of loneliness
Empty and blind to a hope of happiness
Lost among this world of decay and faded dreams
Now I see the path ahead
If only it leads me to that meadow I seek
A glade of comfort
A moment in your arms
This creature would finally understand
The force that drives this wretched sphere
I wander into this blinding mist willingly
I have found what it is that means anything
A word that breathed life into the dead
Track Name: Incubus
Lay on me
This solitary bed enshrouded
Shadow swallows my solitude
But you
The thing to take my mind
Every sinew and motion
Crushing viscera
A feral sense of pleasure
You will be the one to drive a silver dagger through my heart
Track Name: The Storm Found His Name
A flower tenderly caressed in my hands
Your name in my heart as my eyes labor in waking
My wandering thoughts end at such sweet waters
Carry me from this place
A stream I laze and float upon
Buoyant existence
We created a storm together
A precious downpour
A blue wash of rain obscures our forms
Not an onlooker to pass judgement
Wash the land and quench the parched
Let us, hand in hand, be swept away by our tempest
Track Name: The Long Journey Home
i am coming home
by moon and stars to see your face
i am coming home, my love
through death's dark veil to comfort you
passed beyond your arm's embrace
yet never too far to gaze upon you

feel me in the wind
hear my soul in the howling wolves
see my smile in the flying raven
I am always in your heart

by winter's frost
we will meet again
to dance among our kin
as the days of our youth
Track Name: Heavenly Dream
A pair of pale and lovely eyes
You complicate me
A thief you are to steal my thoughts
Break into my temple
Occupy my heart
I let you do this to me
Stealing me away from my shelter in the Aether
Reminding me that I am human after all
I will allow you nullify my existence so sweetly
Discarding my defenses, opening the gates
You will truly be the one to drive a silver dagger through my heart
And I will welcome such a Heavenly Dream
Track Name: At the Feet Of Heteronomy
I see horror and beauty
You are the mirror set before me
Both blinding and illuminating
Reality's edge to cut the mind's eye
Track Name: Awake From Sleep, Greeting Waves Above
The caressing currents across my fur and feathers
As dark dreams of sorrow dissipate
Slowly awakening
I feel the sand that was my bed
Running through my claws
Fading into the dark
Eyes beginning to open and cut the darkness
Upright I bring myself
To face the prospect of the surface
A leap into the liquid sky
To claw and beat my wings
Farther away from my rest
Threads of white dangle as frayed cloth
Come into the light
Obsidian dissolves
Into the azure
Climbing higher to break the canopy
As in birth, to greet this world
Shattering of the glass coffin
Breathing in the free air
To behold the beautiful world
The sun bids me welcome again
Awakening to chase the wind and embrace the sky once more
Track Name: A Weak Stomach
It is no secret
My affections
If only you could see
How you make my heart to sing
My belly flutters on butterfly wings
Please join my feet in dancing
Hold my hands
Place my palm upon your heart
I can not stomach this separation
An unbreakable wall between us
Light barrier casts a shadow upon me
Track Name: To Snow And Peak
The open fields of snow and brush
Please welcome this soul who longs for solace
Freedom, you call to me
Alas! I am chained to the ground
Split and devoured by two desires
Companionship and autonomy
Set me free!

The crisp clean air speaks my name
I hear you, yet I am stone
I beg of thee, let this raven fly
To snow and peak!
Track Name: The Holy Glade
Treading with feet uncovered
The ground I walk is sacred
Ancient silence of the wilderness
The mountain forest is my cathedral
I am in solitude

A wondrous place
Carpet of moss and stone
Breath of the ancients
Telling stories forgotten
Of time antiquated
Freedom abandoned by my kin

Speak to me oh Mother Earth
Father Time, teach me your secrets
Ethereal esoteric place
A glade of paradise
Track Name: A Bitter Farewell
There is no fault in your eyes
Your presence, a winter chill
Stirring want of a make believe warmth
Thorns of a rose that once grew in my heart
Burned away to preserve affections
Yet creeping still along pallid walls
I must be on my way to newer lands
Leave this garden of my youth
It harbors only briars and bitter fruits
Guised as flowers and canopies to shade a weary soul
A lonely creature constructing sweet nothing
Left hollow and bruised by his own construct

You were never mine to hold
Track Name: Haunted Forest Melodies
Trees long barren of their lives
Pallid hands to claw the blackened sky
Winds murmur the confessions and regrets of souls forgotten
Cold soil upholding only shadows
Bare no favor towards the extant or extinct
Holding within its bosom the bones of many who lost their way

It is certain that I will soon join the ranks of the dead
And become a harmony among these haunted forest melodies
To have lost my way in these woods was to bury myself
I have never felt so alive