Glass Kingdoms

by Corvid Canine

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Originally written in 2011, this was meant to be on 7", but that's just too expensive. Glassy, fabulous, angry, and mint-flavored cybergrind.


released August 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Corvid Canine Augusta, Georgia

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Track Name: A Trend Of Toxicity
Plastic parasite
I just want to dance away
Rising up, Debt piles high
Left for someone else to pay
Eat it up, suck it down
Burn the forest to the ground
Toxic waste substitutes water
Gas masks are the latest trend

Celluloid and liquid crystal
Ladies in their tasteless fashion
Gentleman with class abandoned
What the hell have we become?

Mother, father
What is this you left for me?
A broken world of toxic skies
A rotten cesspool of disease
Nothing is left for your children
Idiocy reigns on high
Nothing left for us to live for
And I ask you why?
Track Name: No Contest
No one wins
My existence; a hindrance to my goals
I am weak
I can never be who I dreamed to be
My own standards, I could never live up to
Shot into a multitude
My mind and memory in tatters
A stranger to my species
A threat to all others
I only want to help
Those with none
I could never be a voice for
I am useless
In the end
No one wins
Track Name: Glass Kingdoms
Nothing quite compares
To killing the thing you love

So it is in the height of despair

What did I ever feel?
It all escapes me amid glass, ice, and whisky

A darkened room lit by the city lights
The earth couldn't breathe my name from such a height
An inch of transparency separates me from the company
The company of all that I have slain

Just a few more drinks
This bitter water releasing me
One last pleasurable feeling
Damn it all

Nothing quite compares
To killing the thing you love
Self obsession
Sweet embrace of wind and earth
Track Name: Gemstone Powder
Take the precious gemstones
Gathered from the wealth of the planet
Grind them into finest wine
Piss it out onto solid marble
Waste all that was left for each of us
Your decadence; our death
Treasures to be shared
Squandered in the hands of a fool
Starve like the rest of us
Die like the rest of us
Be humbled by your own hands

The planet falls away
Fades to gray and is forgotten
The guilty and the innocent
Waste not, want not
Kings and beggars alike
Pride, no pity
The cities reek of humanity
The creatures die and wonders cease
The hour is late for mourning
Track Name: Gilded Singularity
Look at me
Am I not beautiful?
Worship and adore my body
I am but an empty shell
An offering for lustful appetites

Tear my flesh
Rip bone from tendon
Feast upon my nothingness
Make me the sum of all your deviance

How long can this possibly last?
How many ages has it persisted?

Shower me in wine and diamonds
Suck the skin clean off the muscle
Tell me I am your dark desire
I am nothing, wrapped in gold and silk
Track Name: Make Haste To Lay Waste
I came across a crowd in the garden
Dressed to the nines with no words of welcome
Surrounding a circle of bare earth
Waiting intently, eyes only empty

Springing forth from what was barren
A colossal flower soaring to reach the sky

Under its own weight as it reached its climax
it began to crumble and fall to release it's seeds
short lived glory to be passed along
to tell the story of life and death

As the flower now lay in the soil
The crowd made haste to lay waste to its pedals
With malice and contempt
For the once living thing

They chanted, "this is not a plant; it is a virus and must be crushed"
There's something desperately wrong with that.