Extraterrestrial Ecological: Umbah​/​Corvid Canine Split

by Corvid Canine

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Long awaited split with sci-fi cybergrind veteran Umbah. Tape available through Nog Records.



released February 4, 2014

Umbah is Cal Scott
Artwork by Cal Scott



all rights reserved


Corvid Canine Augusta, Georgia

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Track Name: Being Of Itself
It is the rapture of nothingness and the dullness of everything
I worship the Aether
transcending transcendence
Beyond the space behind your head

Running forth
the cracks in perception

Flowing and halting

Synchronously asynchronous

I bathe and hide in this world of infinite improbability
A place to rest
Track Name: Hollow Champions Of Empty Causes
Us or them
I chose neither
Stay your hand, oh shining white knight
Standing for a cause for the sake of acceptance
Never knowing what it all means
You and your kind are simply pathetic
Operating only by the most base of instinct

Do you truly hate your brother?
By all means, destroy his home
Study every piece of framework to find the weakness
perhaps in so doing you will find your own.

Day and Night
Good and Evil
One cannot exist without the other
Trivial in the grand scheme of things
Surely, your mind is too small to grasp
The thread that runs through your actions.
Track Name: Careless Cascades Of Sea And Wind
Instinct is as the tide
Waxing and waning
Defining the land
Uncovering the finer details
Cloaking the gouges and shipwrecks

Predictable and sudden
A beast is a beast is like me and my fellow beings
A seaworthy captain sees the pattern
Reading between the lines to reap the rewards

Is there truly a difference between innocence and instinct?
Neither recognize an alternative

To be carried by the waves is a fine thing indeed
Swimming carefree, tossed to and fro
But to never break the surface and breathe
Is to drown in your own foolishness
Track Name: The Question Of Elan Vital
Until you can tell me what it is
Do not tell me what life is not

Cut, dissect, to an asymptotic level
Only approaching, never reaching

Let us be reasonable
Neither of us will ever know
Live and let live
Whatever that may mean
Track Name: Practice Makes Perfect
Dig hard, young pup
Keep your claws to the dirt
Claw away at the dust till you find what you're seeking
Be swift, young pup
With each paw to the wind
Hold your nose in the air
Give your prey no quarter

Keep your nose to the grindstone

Practice makes perfect
Never back down from anything
Push straight ahead
Move the mountains against you
Dig deep
Move swift
Claw hard
Tread forward
Track Name: To Find One's Virtue
Colours perceived through eyes only mine
Songs of glory, meant only for me
To find inner peace in chaos
Is to find one's virtue