Eviscerated, Exsanguinated, I Am Hollow

by Corvid Canine

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A celebration of rust and decay. No reverb, no echo, only dryness.


released June 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Corvid Canine Augusta, Georgia

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Track Name: A Fable of Sunlight
I have sought the sun since the hour it departed
The night is cold and starless
It was all a farce
Shadow has ever been my only companion
Daylight is but a cruel myth
Track Name: Into Dust and Desert
There is little more to bleed out
The skin flakes and cracks
Hands dry and open
Drag the rusted sword through the sand
A world once a refuge
Overcome with the smell of death
All withered into dust and desert
Tired eyes cower from the sun
No rest to be found
Putrefaction pervades the air
Flayed skin from an unforgiving sun
Nothing more to destroy
Nothing more to build
Track Name: Emotive Corrosion of the Universe
So many wishes
Forgotten and whisked away to the nether
A broken heart is only a function of entropy
Love is a transient state
A building of energy until an even greater fall
Entropy feeds on suffering
Track Name: Broken Hands
Just let it happen
I am weary of fighting
Track Name: Aural Pollution
Flow forth, my misspent blood
Track Name: Rebuild
Reach into my chest
Pull out the shriveled fruit inside
Consume it all and leave naught to spare
Destroy me completely
Lay there nothing left to salvage
Only then might I rebuild
Track Name: Fading Into Possibility
Did I ever exist?
Was all I bled for naught?
I am as The Nothing in your mind
Unable to recall my existence
Falling to my knees
Calling out your name in anguish
No sound is made
I become The Aether
Track Name: Punchline
I laughed until I could not breathe
Choking on my conceited feelings of superiority
My lungs gave way and the blood sputtered out
I was always the joke
The world was just the clincher
Track Name: Subtext/Marionette
disconnected hinges
strung along to dance unknowing
eyeless, mindless
clacking jawbone
noisy doll for amusement
twisted movements
perverted sound
subtextual filth
obey the leviathan
Track Name: Oxidized
There is only rust
What I treasured now flakes and splinters
Blistering the tired hands that carry
Breaking fingernails that cling
I can go no further
Paying penance for weakness
End this misery
I beg rest in this land of corroded hopes
Eviscerated, exsanguinated, I am hollow