by Corvid Canine

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All live instruments. Recorded/mixed summer of 2012. Was supposed to be part of a split, but that never happened. Sloppy summer lethargy.


released March 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Corvid Canine Augusta, Georgia

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Track Name: Gentle Rays of Sunlight
Salty breeze
Cresting waves
Oh blessed of days
Adventure beckons in the distance
The wind and sky sing of freedom

Afternoon of dreamers
The warmth of Mother Earth
Sleep in peace

Even the moon requires the light of the sun
So that the creatures of the night may thrive
Track Name: Photosoluble
Inactivity leads me to rot
Atrophy carries me down
My eyes begin to fail me
Useless and wasted
The oppressive sun shows me no mercy
I long to burn this page
Muzzled and constrained
Decayed and frustrated
If only I could but dissolve into the wind
Track Name: Tread Lightly (Do Not Disturb The Water Is You Can Not Swim)
The creature beneath the surface
A fatal force beneath the waves
The unsuspecting; swept away
Watery grave, oh watery grave
A fate feared by so many
Ruthless and unfeeling
A fool's demise
Be sure to tread lightly
Aware of appearances deceiving
Do not disturb the water
If you cannot swim as the piscine
Track Name: Bare
One with the natural world
Vulnerable and glorious
The barriers cast aside
Torn asunder
No cold do I feel
Nor heat oppressive
A stirring in my spirit
Wild and free
Track Name: The Ship Is Sinking
The ship is going down
The crew and I tire of sailing
Pass the drink let us be merry
Farewell, oh land who bade us farewell
We are sinking
Play us a song
We are sinking
The waves swallow us
Track Name: At Ocean's End
Upon a rock at the edge of the world
I await still
The patience of a mountain
The moon shines ever brightly
A silver vein on the wine dark sea

Time is lost to me
Only the roar of Gaia fills my ears
The ship to save me will not come
As an albatross flies into the unknown
So now shall I