by Corvid Canine

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Raw, unpolished black metal made using an old game boy colour.


released August 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Corvid Canine Augusta, Georgia

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Track Name: Colourless
Bled dry from an esoteric blade
I am made colourless
Stretched between the trees of the haunted forest
Sinewy briars pull at the wrists
Chromatic essence flees the wounds
Only shades of The Between I am
Come what will of these beautiful torments
Track Name: Uneasy Slumber
Horror of my slumber
The Aether surrounding smells of your memory
Visions of what will never be
Eons beyond our parting
Yet this dark tormenter of my dreams remains
That I should never rest again
Rid of your demonic ways
May it be so
Track Name: Mountain and Valley
You stand upon the mountainside
Having conquered the hills and lowlands
I walk still slow through the valley
Only unprepared to face the stoney monolith
You want not to wait for those below
But seek for yourself an equal
Forget my face and tread forward
I have no place beside you
Oh glorious one of the heights
Track Name: The Sum of Toil
Having existed through their cycle
The trees stand in mournful resignation
The falling of the last flower
Dark nightfall creeps into the arms of the senescent forest
Dust settles from the fading echoes of life
A lone soul ambles down the pathway
Swallowed by the soaring canopy
No longer remembered
He finds his comfort in dulcet grief
The sum of toil
Track Name: Albatross Wings
I stood upon the rocky cliff
To cast my sights to the distance
Hopes of that ship to carry you to me
Yet only the Albatross to pity my plight
Arrives now on wings forged in the fires of patience
No more will I await you
The days in which We were are gone and past
That vessel will never come
There was no hope for us
Though I hold you still in my heart
You must find your way as I seek mine
Track Name: Lamentation of Corvus Ossifragus
Your allegiance to the sky is unequalled
Freedom is thy birthright
Iridescent black glory of the sun
Yet, in the cruelty of The Universe
Robbed of your inheritance of the wind
A pair of mockingly broken wings
A mirror, you are of my heart
Sit with me awhile, you innocent creature
Let us mourn our cloud covered reveres together
Track Name: Dust Echoes
Down the dusty halls
My voice only ever echoed your name
Reverberations across fetid pools
Swaying but a little against the vaporing words
Oh moon, take me now
Make the noise to bleed from my maw
Quiver my body, oh memories
Transform me in pain and rapture
Echo my name
Track Name: Torn Inner Eye
Pitiful creature
So saturated in that which makes a mockery of affection
The true face of love is unable to be seen
All you will ever know
Is a facade of that which is truly beautiful
Awash in hollowness and empty words
Soon to awaken in loneliness
Yet blind to that which you crave
Track Name: Weary Fool
A fool am I
Nothing more
I see through only a filter
What is not there
That which my heart yearns for
Only a fool
Nothing more
Track Name: Devourment of Flowers
A living and delicate prism spread forth upon the Earth
Colour infinite and pleasing
Devourment of flowers
Stomach churning from consumption of that which only draws the eye
No substance to these vapid leaves
Still I feed on that which only finds me empty
I will make hollow the fields in my lust
Yet no nourishment will I find
Only poison
Gluttonous starvation
Kill me
Track Name: Aetheric Pestilence
Regurgitate the Cancer so willingly taken
Neverending thirst for blood
Dehydrate from the purge
Perception spirals and the head is burning
A virus multiplying
Make burst the cells of my pathetic being
Writing its name in the map of my construction
Aetheric pestilence