Cold Damp Nightfall

by Corvid Canine

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It's getting dark. I am so very cold...


released April 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Corvid Canine Augusta, Georgia

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Track Name: Insurmountable Terror
Drunk and laughing
There is no tomorrow
Why sleep when the moon is falling?
Young, vapid, and truly dead
Where does one end and the other begin?
What use is there for love when hope is gone?
Fill me with all that is decadent and sweet
Marvelous, iridescent sheen for a thirsty flame
Return all we have built to the dust of a damned planet
Neglect The Everything for what is most pleasurable in The Aether
Thrust the blade
Pestilence will rage
We can not face the insurmountable terror before us
But there is little time for suffering
Little time for consonant catastrophe
Track Name: Rubus Fruticosus
Holy fruit in my eyes
I lust to feel it upon my tongue
Revel in its sweetness
Panting for the promise of pleasure
Thirsty for its nectar
Heart throbbing to reach out and partake
Life pulsating through my hands
Feverish form the toxin I long for
Guarded by cruel brambles
Flesh rending thorns
Resilient harsh barrier
Taunting this animal writhing in pain
Caught in snares
The green fire of life fades
Vines entangle a corpse and drink of its despair
Track Name: Soren (Cold Damp Nightfall)
Blue-black shade covers the forest
Cold damp nightfall
Hypothermic misery
Mist soaked autumn litter enshrouds me

Cover me and share your warmth
I can not die alone

Delusional of the frigid haze
Following the call of a siren among the trees
Starved and caked in mud
Retracing the steps which brought me here

Bruised feet, frostbitten and unable to carry my soul

Carry my corpse home
Lest I become a wandering and vengeful spirit
Rustling of a winter gust through the treetops
Muttering my final wishes to The Aether
Track Name: Knowing Not What We Have Found
History shows, time and time again
Be it in beast, god, or man
Glory has not a place.
Track Name: Disciple of Eros
Devotee of the pornographic
Disciple of Eros
Your powers of fantasy reached beyond that of still images and carnal desire
Young and in want of warmth
I became your offering at the alter of the ancient god
Slit open my breast and remove the heart
And as the viscera washed away
So did my hopes of an escape from solitude
Bathe in the blood, offer a prayer
Seduce the lost and lonely
Make them pay for their ignorance
Devotee of the pornographic
Disciple of Eros
Your powers of fantasy are snares for fools as myself
Track Name: Infinite Permanence
You have, do, and will always exist in The Aether
Track Name: White Tide Turned Black
Seething through my teeth
Unholy hatred
White tide turned to black
Drag the ocean into the land
Drown away everything I held dear
Dark moonlight pull away the poison
Rip the beast from the Aether surrounding
Wash me in sanguine guilt
Blood, sweat, and tears
What did you know of any?
Covered in such filth, I was clean of sin
Tear at the throat of innocence
Moved beyond life and death
May you live forever
Sink for all time in the despair of immortality
Track Name: Bloodmeal
Close my eyes and try to sleep
Drink the blood of The Leviathan
Comb my existence for the countless time
Every failure, success, shortcoming, victory
I find no reprieve from my guilty conscious
Repulsive creature, self aware
Strapped to a train headed for Oblivion
I am tired, so very tired