Broken Lines Complete The Portrait

by Corvid Canine

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Sometimes you have to strip away the fluff and go berserk.

Our missing parts complete us.


released September 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Corvid Canine Augusta, Georgia

Who are you, really?

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Track Name: Watercolour Pieces
Cotton candy, sweet clouds and dreams

Faded colors against the white
Love amidst Aether
Only there the space between

Strokes of a brush against the light
Feathers buoyant fly away

Pieces fall away

Soiled as they sing forever
Silent against the white
Track Name: Late Summer Flowers
Late bloom as the summer fades
So few fruits in the harvest
What more does the earth hold?
Could something yield

Such a lovely blossom

Does mercy become cruelty?

My hands covered in salt
What chance is there to survive the autumn?
Beauty in the chokehold of reality
Track Name: Werewolf Song
How I envy
Unchanging lives in ordinary comfort
Their love, their ways
Treasured banality

Existing on the border
Shadow and light, neither welcoming
Beast of the penumbra

Acclimated to snow
Warmth becomes intolerable

Though winter sinks deep
The heat I need to save me will burn me alive
Track Name: Moving Stops and Falls Apart
Running through the thorny fields
I left my fingers in the meadow
Slowing down

I feel them now
Limbs begin to detach
Can’t pull myself together

Hinges are rusted
Parts missing
Track Name: INFP
Phase between
The spaces among worlds

Unravel melting fragment body
Cold warmth of a disembodied soul

Never quite fully there

Drops of rain
Rust flowing streams of light
Incomplete at once entire

Panning colours full as mist
Rainbow sound
Chords static streaming mictrotonal

Flitting hummingbird
Stunned and short of breath
Track Name: Soul Panacea
Wheels and gears

Rusted cogs
Torn belts
pieces worn
Discard and replace
Unrepairable parts to be discarded
The outmoded must be scrapped
Spinal severance puts nerves to rest

When bones cannot heal
Hands twisted into naught

Logic speaks my fate
Recycle this life
Cure through nullification
Track Name: Ambling Haunted Mansion
I’m no stranger to this
Falling down my cheeks for you
Doors open to the temple
A place for you to dine and make yourself at home
Tracking mud through the holy of holies
On my knees to try and wash your feet

Use me again
Take my parts and feed
I don’t need them anyway

My home will soon lose its charm
Esoteric stories and broken furniture
All losing its shine

Use me again
Until you are full
I deserve no better
Opening the gates to you

Use me again
Abuse me
Leave the corpse for other scavengers

I beg you
Defile and break me
Track Name: Fetid Pool
Need, need, need, need
Need to associate
Need, need, need, need
Need to associate
Need, need, need, need
Need to associate
You are nothing
Weak and powerless

Try to make up for your shortcomings
By sucking off the biggest dick in the room
No matter how diseased you become in the process

You just want protection
Bend and break
Your integrity
Hoping for a slice of the cake

Cowering under authority
Never question, mindless drone
Unable to make your own choice

Remain forever stagnant water
Track Name: Raven Made of Garbage
where the pieces are
winds gather the fragments
I am put together

Nascent and fleeting existence

Scraps become the being
Aether pieces shining scatter
Flying free unhindered by matter
Bird composed of only ideas