Brightest Before Twilight

by Corvid Canine

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Minimalist experiment. No bass lines. Emptiness is key.


released January 3, 2012



all rights reserved


Corvid Canine Augusta, Georgia

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Track Name: Voices of the Ancient World
Teach me, brother Wolf
Teach my heart to know
Bestow on me a soul of the wilderness
Give me the strength lost in humanity
And the wisdom of the winds

Ancient souls
Knowing the secrets of the earth
Forgotten by the haughty
Proud souls
Remnants of a paradise lost
My kind will pay dearly for our sins
I deserve not to know your ways

Yet you sing to me
The strength I need
Howl away the full moon together
Track Name: Gnashing/Wailing
I know not what the world conspires
Spinning, twirling, confusion fills my head
I am left behind
I am but a frightened fledgling
The demons out to devour
I am defenseless
I see not from whence they come
I only feel their teeth
I am frightened and helpless
Naked and alone
Can no one save me?
Help me
Track Name: The Unseeing Slaves
I abide by the hands of nature
Those that have shaped me and my heart
The rootless expectations of my species
mean nothing to me
we are all simply beasts
slaves to the urge to survive and dominate
I stand apart on these grounds;
I acknowledge my master
Track Name: Cursed Hands, Mortal Shroud
Everything my hands behold
Fade and turn to dust
The gilded skin that was my own
Has aged and turned to rust
My soul bemoans this curse I bear
To fall from every cloud
Until the day I am released
From this mortal shroud
Track Name: All Roads
I've lived the life of a god
riches, adoration, privilege
Upon a throne of decadence
I've lived the life of a wretch
Scraping by on scraps and carrion
Wallowed in the mud
I've lived the life of a saint
Holy light I bathed in
A man hallowed
I've lived the life of the damned
Darkness, my companion
Unholy terror
I've seen pleasures innumerable
beheld sorrows unbearable
I no longer wish to walk this road
None I have trod bring me peace
I am weary
I must rest
Track Name: ??????
There is a secret under my feet
A dark shadow, grabbing me
Holding me captive
It has followed me for as long as I remember
Is it real?
I do not know
It feels so tangible
Everything in me says to ignore it
No one would believe me if I told them
I doubt I can trust myself either
despite reason's attempts at chasing it away
my heart is raped
Taking over every fiber
It is not real
It is not real
no one to comfort a dying beast of his delusions
Track Name: Fear and Abandonment
I only wish for the warmth
Embrace of love
To be kept safe
A shelter in the storm
Wrapped in security

Amidst roaring squall
No arms, no wings to find asylum
Guard me while I sleep
Slumbering in safety
I beg of you, never leave me alone again
Track Name: We The Gray
I fear for my life
Aware of the truth
A beast as the rest
Woe, that few comprehend
And hunt the wise with ignorance
Skulls crushed and hearts devoured
In the name of status quo
Three symbols brought together
The trifecta of wisdom


Feared and loathed by fools
Embraced by gods
The guise of idiocy
Cloaks our figures from mortal man
We work in shadow
Thus light is begotten

We the Gray
Track Name: In the Court of the Royalty of the Sky
You are what remains of primal innocence
Persecuted, hung by the neck from your own homes
For the pleasure of the fearful and superstitious
Outlast this plague, oh royalty of the sky
My kind could never fly
With wings majestic as you
Raven, forgive us
In defiling you, we make filthy ourselves
Track Name: Sand in the Wind
many hands
a different face beheld in each
once at my command
become the archetype
as all power must
it soon faded
each appendage, independent
of their king

many years since my exile
my masks control me
against my will
the while unknowing
they shift and dance

I know no longer what they mean
their cause and reason
escape my fragile mind
the chains binding my feet

to the earth
come undone
i am tossed into the wind
my grasp of my own realm
gone and left me
Track Name: Brightest Before Twilight
'Tis always brightest before the twilight
the cold sea wind embraces the creature
Numb is he to even his bride
His eye has wandered
To the dark temptress
Lust for sleep
Yearn for peace
Fight the hopeless battle
Is this the lot of mortals?
All roads lead to her bed
His birth, he mourns
"Must we all live this way?"
How a god must suffer
The prince and the parasite
are one and the same at evening-fall
Every world, mountain and sea
must soon fall at the feet of Time
Nothing will change

Stiff lipped fool
Tire of all
Accusations and succor
Alike mean nothing
Exsanguinate and loose the chains
Die in the arms of your lover