Breeze of Feathers

by Corvid Canine

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Ambient, mathy noisegrind for three guitars, three basses, and contact mic


released March 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Corvid Canine Augusta, Georgia

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Track Name: Pigeon Nor Eagle Alike Bemoans The Road They Take
Sidewind through the slipstream
Out into the cold resistance

beating chill against the air
disdain and nausea flow as silver
sink and soar, a held trajectory
point of reference pole of solitude
peak of sky needles
a point so fine for deft of hand
pigeons flutter crusts of bread
an old man ponders sad among them

feet are clumsy tired from journeys
arms could never hold the sky
Track Name: Hairline Cracks
In the center as though a dream
Nothing happens in the center of everything
A crow drops a marble
Crashing to hairline cracks in a troubled sidewalk
A dog’s maw slackens to tighten in vocal protest
to the tune of a face I never want to see again
Shrug and shun look of distaste
Brick smashing through the blood and bone
Shape and form disfigure harshly
Frost falls quick to melt the mountain’s fury
Vague story ends when plot develops
Break into a vault of insecurities
The combination; date of birth
Track Name: They Not Their Own Are Slaves
shadows hide in forest groves
the source anonymous mixed among the others
find might only in association
a helpless whelp alone
pride only in merits of the company you keep
a handful of pennies to your own name

shifting morals
slip and ebb to match the season
too weak to stand as tall as mountains
make them all into piles of dirt
just like you

the strength of the wolf is the pack
but only alphas can stand tall in solitude
Track Name: Breeze Of Feathers
Feathers float from sparrows torn upon the wind
where one ends and one begins scrambled in the aftermath of feasting

We writhe in bliss and broken pieces
Moans of death in life’s great reward
vigor found in loss of dreams
emotions sealed in black boxes
Goals wrapped tight, translucent gloves
Fleshy tones rainbow of pleasure
The Stranger once in love with flying
Erect in the comfort of clipped wings
A joy devoid of clouds and stars
Track Name: And The Storm Rolled Over The Ocean As A Cloud Of Charcoal
Sing me to sleep
Slow sea of pulse and pleasure
Hold me close
Pressure release to breathe in

Ship rocking harder
Wave crest and crash in stormy waters
Rain to sate a dry throat
Pouring down upon him at sea
Handful of planks removed
The vessel is no longer whole
But he upon that open sea
May yet find land from rain’s relief
Track Name: Lint And Dust Enclosure Of Comfort
Between the wall and desk
So small a space to become lost
Backs, they bend to find a hole
These little comforts worth their pain

Fall so softly
Hardwood pillow
Light it seems so cruel

Dust it builds upon my eyelids
twisted into knots
As long as all is quiet
Track Name: I Met A Ghost
I met a ghost of many colours, triumphs, and regrets
here to observe all that he left behind
he saw the beauty in the way all had forgotten him
all that he made became as naught
with sigh and wistful expression
the spirit turned away
he longed to see the day when all would fade

“these trees and mountains mean no more to me
than monuments, cities, and garbage.
the living and the dead are not so different
I wait for the day when both are reconciled.”