Break Off, Drift Away

by Corvid Canine

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I see now that I had only built an illusion to veil the loneliness.

I'm breaking promises now.

The world looks so small from out here.


released June 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Corvid Canine Augusta, Georgia

Who are you, really?

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Track Name: Hymn To Recurrence
The air is thick with the rattling of death
Entropy bellows out the lust of hunger

There is no comfort or reprieve, the sky will only darken
How many cycles has this passed through before?

As meaninglessly as it began
All will senselessly spiral to Aether again

Drink in Nihility, release from the eternal struggle
Do what thou wilt and accept the never-ending cycle

It will all happen again
You will live and you will die
We are the plaything of something far beyond a deity
Chaos is all that is and all that ever will be
Track Name: Ever Unclean
Your sins will bit and claw
Sinking into your spine
The only monster to fear is one that you created

Sleeping inside your bed
They will caress your dreams
Guilt be your bedfellow
And hold your hand in death

Hope is powerless
Thoughts will delve into nightmares
Regret and horror are the fruit of your own grove

There is no comfort
Only sadness
There is no comfort
Only sadness
Track Name: Comfort of Winter's Teeth
Leave me in this cold world
A winter for introspection
Sapphire cold and diamond white
Beauty of broken glass and sleeping Earth

The biting winds of January cut into my skin
My broken bones, they moan as houses under age’s weight

The solitude will only make me stronger
I will arise in spring to fly in strength ‘neath summer skies
Track Name: Second Fiddle Symphony
As the flowers atop the tree
Not the roots hidden below
I wish to be adored as you are

Adorned in heavy briars
I wear the mantle of the low places
Servant of soil and seeds
A shoulder for new life
Unseen, unknown
An airy crown of clouds and light
Clean in radiant delicacy
Prince of the sky’s glory
A face to be celebrated
Beauty loved by all

My hands are cut and dirty
Not ethereal blues and lace of white
But rusted tones and torn cotton
I wish to be as adored as you