Bleed Like A Beast

by Corvid Canine

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I wanted to write you a song, I always hoped it wouldn't sound like this.


released January 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Corvid Canine Augusta, Georgia

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Track Name: Veins Run Dry
Of all the things I had ahead of me, you were the one thing I truly had my sights on
Track Name: Mindsore
Once a flower held gently within my mind
Your name is now but a cancer
A bleeding sore upon my chest that only weeps
Bane to my sanity

Yours was a name by which I swore
That which made still the demons in my soul
Now it is their plaything
A prod with which to torment me
Your eyes averted mine as you bade farewell
But their crystal beauty still sears my sight
This wound will only slowly heal
Track Name: Heartrending Reality
A mind ever occupied with dreams of your hand
Hours upon hours the gears of thought turned
To seek the key to open the gates of reality
To such holy reveres
Perhaps it was born of my selfishness
That I would devise to win your affections
And now my thoughts are born of madness
Cut off so soon, the stream has dried
Of all the rust laden burdens
This is that which I cannot shake:
Your thoughts will nevermore be of me
I now see they never were
Track Name: Altar Of Evisceration
A wise man once spoke to me that to love is to make oneself vulnerable
So eager for the warmth of another, I offered my heart
What was once a lovely sacrifice at the alter of love
Of blood and spirit
Is now a quandary of bones and viscera strewn about
I laid my neck before you
So fitting you should drop the guillotine
Track Name: Bouqet Of Weeds
Not one word should I have trusted
I betrayed myself in believing the honeyed words of a face angelic
Perhaps this was all of my own construct
Indeed, I was the only one there
I grew for you a field of dandelions
I hailed you as the king of my heart
Led you by the hand through the forbidden meadow of my soul
Pleading with the Aether that you might return my affections
But the gates you built around your center were closed
Shut tight against those who might seek to dwell within
I pleaded with you to trust me
Naked before you, I pledged my allegiance
Jealous that another may steal your heart
Unbearable to you was my desire that we should have no others
Now you lie in the arms of another
An unchained spirit
Reveling at the touch of many
The promise of my fidelity was naught but a bouquet of weeds in your eyes
Now I lie in this field of yellow flowers alone
Dreaming of what might have been
Track Name: Bleed Like A Beast
This is all I had to give
Bleeding as a wounded beast from the dagger I gave in weakness
I lie awake in hollow anger and aching despair
Screaming out across the Aether
Your voice led me from my shelter
Into the world of light you stole me away
The sleeping creature awoke into a heavenly dream
But that is all that it ever could have been
Wounded and broken as my soul is
I regret not a word I spoke
Not an hour sacrificed or a measure of love counted among waste
Nor a drop of blood or solitary tear
I let you go now to find your haven
My wishes are but for your happiness in this life
To cut me down was as the pruning of a mighty tree
A crown of leaves to salute the Sun in greater splendor
Forgive my selfishness in seeking to be your everything
The taste of affection you gave
Was a glimpse at the face of god

Of all the things I had ahead of me, you were the one thing I truly had my sights on