Beloved Malevolence: Mouth Violence​/​Corvid Canine Split

by Corvid Canine

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My split with Mouth Violence. My material was written and recorded fall 2011. Released on CDR by Kitty On Fire; hand numbered, limited run of 30. Sold out.


released January 29, 2012



all rights reserved


Corvid Canine Augusta, Georgia

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Track Name: Humanity Lost
I find it harder to care
I can't save myself
I can't save you
I don't even want to

Numb to everything
Take this as a warning
To all those seeking wisdom
The more you see
The less you love
I can't imagine the simplicity
The people seem to enjoy
I can't see the way they do
Normal does not exist
I am a freak
What good am I?
What does it matter?

You wouldn't understand
Revel in your ignorance
I am not human
If I ever was, that time is gone
Leave me be
Leave me be
Leave me be
Leave me be
Track Name: Bloody Teeth
you suck the soul from the land
with your pyrite words and silica promises
covenants signed in feces
and wine rung from the blood of other beings
even your own species you betray
you will reap what you sow
as you are crushed by the world
bones breaking under the weight
of every life you've stolen
with pens and paper
and speeches given to the blind

God is deaf to your agony
as you were deaf to theirs.
you will never tame the wilderness
nature's red teeth will consume you
Track Name: Beloved Malevolence
I wear a smile and I'll make you laugh
But the truth us I just want to tear you apart
It's all fun and games because
Otherwise I'm powerless
This tragic comedy is no joke

Befriend the man who laughs
Beware the man who makes you laugh
I won't bother myself to try and convince you
Track Name: Prayer To The Sky
Amidst the sea, I stood upon the mountain
The sacred mouth of mother earth
I fixed my eyes upon the vast universe
Stars as grains of sand filled the velvet sky
Before such grander, I trembled
A virgin beauty
From the ancient forest
I offered a prayer
A desperate plea
"This place I stand, once holy
has been defiled by my kind
we murdered our mother
our father, we forsook

save yourself from our dirty hands!"

The sacred silver orb
Our guardian satellite
Witness to our crimes and atrocities
Forgive us of defiling your face
Welcome us no longer
Perhaps man will see
His place in the world is small
Insignificant, should you walk away
I implore you; show us our erroneous ways

Punish the arrogant
Track Name: On Twilit Wings
How the trees adorn themselves in splendid garb
Showering their leaves as in celebration
Autumn's blessings

Welcome harvest moon
Winter gusts to make the forest sing
Our avian brothers venture home
The lupine souls howl in unison
The world sings of the coming season
Of rest and reflection

Come, oh spirit of the harvest
On twilit wings
Fill us with wonder