Autonomous Realities

by Corvid Canine

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Sugary, consonant, candy grind. Ridding myself of a little leftover teenage angst.


released June 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Corvid Canine Augusta, Georgia

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Track Name: Simpletons, My Dear
I have nothing to prove to you
I'm not impressed with your heteronomous notions
It doesn't matter if I am us or them
I never cared to be someone I'm not
I haven't a taste for being a slave to your wishes
This is self expression, not a pissing contest
Simpletons, oh simpletons
Learn to make your own trail
Or, in the least, remove yourself from the path of those who cut their own
The only thing objective is its own absence
Your mind is dead
Living from the brainstem is such a pathetic way to be
Track Name: Nocturnal Existential Panic Attack
Turn in, turn out all the lights
I just need a little sleep
It's getting late and I don't want to think
About how much I've made a mess of myself
Of all the fears I've constructed with my own hands
The thinning of my skin to peel away and show
The pathetic being below

Moonlight reveals a conflicted being

Oh sun, don't leave me now
Leave me not alone to my doubts and fears
Fear of intimacy, fear of love
Fear of everything that I've become
From shadows painted on bedroom walls
To the ghosts of my past screaming in my ears
Just let me sleep, just let me rest
Leave me in peace in this burning bed
Track Name: Autonomous Realities
Realities constructed in the minds of desperate people
The world doesn't quite suit you, does it?
Why not?
They never understood
They never could
No one will love you like I do
Create the persona
Be who you truly are
Or is identity just another lie?

Time and space
We feel their effects
But they are only theory
The world only exists the way we perceive it
What is real and what is farce?
Perhaps the universe in your own mind
Is the only one that is true
The only world worth living in
Is the one real to you
Track Name: Lost Among The Lights
Communication is dead
The words I speak are meaningless
In a day and age of information
We can afford to be separated

Flashing lights abound in colour
Here I'll sit and waste the day
Squandering the gift of life
In front of screens I rot away

A made up world I fed myself
Now stuck to chords that smother the soul
A meaningless addiction
A worthless shell, a withered mind

I reach for companionship
A silent howl for those like me
What a sad day, such a thing to be
A wild soul holding itself in captivity

It's all worthless
It's all worthless
Everything is noise to fade
I can't see it
I won't feel it
My mind fades to shades of grey

I've only done this to myself
Cut the chord and disconnect
I wish only to breathe the open air again
Track Name: Entropy And Order
That look in your eyes
I don't want to see it
An inability to meet expectations
I failed you again, haven't I?

Every day I live a lie
in the hopes that you might love me
this white paper mask I held on to
is beginning to yellow with age
eyeholes unable to show me the panorama
a taste of freedom unintentional
this will be the end of me

a strong wind came as a thief
stole away my shelter
I'm not the one you thought I was
the truth will kill us all in the end
Track Name: Shameful Heart
I heard your name whispered through the trees
I hung my head in lonely shame
Why could you not love me?
Why could we not be together?
I want to be your everything
I want to leave these feelings far behind
I can never let you know how I feel
My head is awash with guilt

At night the spirits whisper
"Oh, you, who are alone
Leave behind these foolish notions
If you love someone, set them free."
Your name in the starry sky
Your face in the water's mirror
Please, oh please, won't you leave me be?
Your heart was never mine
Track Name: Especially Nothing Special
To be the most is not always to be the greatest
If a man to strives to be the most ordinary
Perhaps, indeed he will succeed
In so doing, he will remain faceless
Track Name: Noise To Fade
All this is but noise to fade
The fleeting emotions of youth
A fist shaking from the cradle
Knowing nothing of life

Play revolution while you can
Find there was nothing you truly fought for
Learn there is nothing you died for

The world has no time for you to find yourself
Self worth is naught but self satisfaction
Dare not feel sorry for yourself, Weakling
Take your place in the chain gang or starve
Track Name: Zealous Arson
quench the fires, zealot
place the torch in a place to illuminate
rather than feed the flames all it can devour
The more fervor you show in swinging your lantern
The quicker it burns away
Onward to newer things, then, I suppose?
You will never be satisfied
Growing fat as you consume
Engrossed in your fashionable sin
Soon to find the novelty fading
Doff the cloak to don another
Never to find the perfect fit
Seek contentment
Maybe then you will find peace
Track Name: Father
How could I ever know
What it truly means to sacrifice?
I see everything you gave up
Dreams the same as mine
I could never measure up
To the greatness that you show
I see now just how weak I am
To disappoint you is a dagger
Aimed straight through my sternum
I hide so much to protect you
Yet how much more do you shelter me?
Forgive your foolish son
Remember not the sins of my youth
Teach me what I need to know
To be a man and carry on
Track Name: Fading Portraits
everyone is getting older
marching closer to separation
i am so young, yet I feel my mortality
sliding away and I can't change it
gray hairs upon my father's head
my mother weeps for days gone by
I know one day they both will leave here
and I will see them nevermore

Everything is changing
fading away, my life is fading
separate ways, we all must go
I haven't the strength to say farewell
It wasn't long ago that we were children
and time alone the wall between
my heart, unready to walk away

but the choice was never ours to make
Track Name: Reinventing Rusty Mechanics
Utter inadequacy to be worth anything
I must reinvent myself
Separation from the roots
Sever my ties to the branches
This road is mine and mine alone

Rusty razors cut away the former lifelines
The pain is temporary
I pray the change is not

Walking the line between the world of man and wilderness
I am not welcome to either
Only the strong can ever hope to survive this land
Perhaps there never was any hope for me
Track Name: Ball And Chain
everyone i meet is unhappy
the man and his wife
the philosopher and his life
should i kill myself or have a cup of coffee?
Such meaninglessness

everyone i care for is unhappy
i'm told that love is the highest thing
of which to aspire
the bride is weeping on her wedding night
the martyr tires of his duty

everyone i hate is unhappy
because they look
exactly like me
just another ball and chain
Track Name: Sensory Exhaustion
A sound diminishes into an echo
The echo fades across space and time
I am not as strong as I once was
Long ago.

Goodbye sight
Break away from the eyes whom you once served
Blur the lines that I might see the world for what it is
Impression upon static

Fare thee well, ears
The escape I found from the world
Is now sealed away and I am trapped
Silence becomes me

The memories slip away between my fingers
My mind is dulled by rust and water
I am worn by life
Frayed and unfit to hold the sails
Track Name: Kill The Leviathan
Conform or perish
Another threat from a higher power
Perhaps, it seems
I am divided
Cut in two
By indecision

Kill the Leviathan
Hands of oppression
Denounce the Us and Them
Sever the connection
For every decapitation
Another head grows
Another monarch
I will never be free
In life you can not win
So long as you compete
We are all bound by our
Drive to put the Other down
True autonomy can not coexist
With companionship
We are all slaves

Kill the Leviathan
Hands of oppression
Denounce the us and them
And roam in isolation