At The Left Hand Of Chaos Sits Eros, At Its Right, Thanatos

by Corvid Canine

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Find me there, somewhere in the between.


released April 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Corvid Canine Augusta, Georgia

Who are you, really?

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Track Name: Restless Dreams
You will never know the way
Your name escapes my lips in solitude

When anger and fear
Disgust with myself

Summon your ghost to taunt me
I am defenseless in humiliation

In my restless dreams
You still haunt me
Track Name: Turncoat To Myself
I knew the ways that I would go
They were the roads that I had loathed
Down into my inner self
Awake! Awake!

What I believed to be right
I turned away from
So very tired
Given up on myself
Track Name: Aching Jaw Before The Feast
Every day I give up a little more
No longer determined
A waning moon
Years are wearing on me
Of abuse and loneliness
You gave me a bandage
But the words you spoke are bleeding me out
Silver streams of despair bend over me

Laying on cold wooden floors
Undignified forests of molested trees
Fingers reaching for heaven brought down
To hold the filthy feet of a wretch like me

I am a deformed dog
Defective head on a bent and rusty nail
An aching jaw before the feast
Your tired glance in the mirror

Discard me
Track Name: Devotee Of A Deaf Idol
Third eye open pressed against the lid of yours
Heavy breath and I want to take you in
My holy sacrifice to you
An idol deaf to my song of worship

Adoration, my heart is in your hands
With every brush of my trembling fingertips
Heart aflood with fear and affection
My lips fall on dead skin

A specter in this haunted forest
We are as ghosts to each other
Another name to be forgotten in your book of life
Your fingerprint etched into my skull
Track Name: Bath Of Leeches (Drain The Bad Blood)
How many more songs will I have to sing
Before your name ceases to echo?
How many more pictures must I bleed on page
Until your face will fade away?

The pain is something that never truly goes away
In solitude I am free to hurt
No forces pushing for me to heal
Bleeding out
Bleed me out
Track Name: Martyr Posture
Everyone loves to laugh
A bit of humor for you:
No one
Owes you a goddamn thing

The only right you have
Is freedom
But do you have the strength
Or the will
To seize it?
Or will you give it up
For comfort

To leave the State of Nature
Accepting the Social Contract
Submitting to The Leviathan

If you refuse to stand and fight
To kill the arms of the Beast that oppress
Bleeding for whatever your cause may be
Quit your bitching, whelp!
Track Name: Masks Of The Clueless Egoists
Fair-weather companions
Love of the ego compels you
Affection as a means to an end
Stones in a bridge to more agreeable climates

Adorned facade
Masquerade in good will

Pathos in shades of ethos

Deceived by your own illusions
Three eyes closed hand in hand with Id
Intoxicated in mutual consumption
Suck and devour until only flesh remains
Reflexive adaptation to environmental stasis
Biomechanics greased with leaking consciousness
Never escaping primordia
Track Name: Communion Of Autofellatio
Do you honestly think you are right?
How pathetic!
Morality is the practice of choosing the most palatable wrong
You will destroy
You will create
Someone will always lose

Feed the beggar for your own mental masturbation
You care only for that which ultimately justifies you
Feeds you
Rewards you
Fucks you
Begging the gods you fellate for guidance
Unable to build your own foundation
Without integrity

Stop pretending any of this isn’t entirely about your own satisfaction
Track Name: Summation In Nihilis
The death of a beautiful beast
in all its tragedy
Finds only summation in nihilis
As the glory of kings and parasites
The sea will wash away
Gilded tales of glory
Our rusting woes scrapped in the sand
Track Name: Fatal Systemic Corruption
My skin has taken on the scent of yours
Breathing deep and turning skyward
The static dissolves into my field of vision
Malfunction of the screen, the soul is infected
A ghost in the machine
Track Name: Tenebrae/First Hour Of November
Upon the bridge in inking dark
The ocean sprawls before me

Tide escapes, drawn by the moon
Raven surveys in amber glow
An exit lay before me

Fly away, little bird